If you've read  this far,  then you probably know that  I'm Greg Yares, Realtor with Long Realty Co. in Tucson, AZ. Summary Me: I've been doing this work since early 2003. I was a jeweler/metalsmith in my last career, hence the “Gold Standard” reference. Born in Phoenix AZ, I moved to Tucson in 1983, have been married for 36 years, have 2 adult sons, Love to ride bicycles, in fact I love to show houses by bicycle, when feasible.

I work with people who want to sell and/or buy residential real estate. I can also help with other types of transactions, but my primary focus is on dwellings. I work with Long Realty Co. here in Tucson because  they offer excellent resources for both my clients and for me.  They're  constantly on task with the newest trends and practices, which does help provide the most positive experience that we can hope for.

My broker is Long Realty Company and I work for my clients – buyers and sellers. The term “Agent” as in “Real Estate Agent” means that I look out for my clients' needs above my own. I take that seriously.

This business is becoming more and more  “online” oriented all the time. There's more “information” out there than ever. Disengagement plus... With modern screen world,  there's more need than ever for personal, direct, customer service. For example, are you looking at some  awesome photos (Glamour shots abound) of a house and you can't get in the car and actually see the property?  I can do research on its history and go visit the property in person, do a little video for you and maybe we can get behind that curtain.  When we find a property that you want to buy, I'll be with you throughout the whole sequence.

I also help people sell their properties. I produce a listing for the MLS system, which gets sent “online” throughout the world, this includes  good photos, and if need be, some light furnishings for “staging”, to help make the house feel more “homey”. I also supply all of the hardware needed to list properly (“for sale” sign, keysafe, etc.). I'll keep track of which agents show the house ( the public is not allowed to go unaccompanied by a licensed agent) and help with the negotiations process through to the finish.

I think I've written enough for now.

Please contact me so that we can get acquainted.

Thank you,

Greg Yares


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